Essential Part 2 'Kingdom Living'

  • Vineyard Church 7 Brick Knoll Park St Albans, AL1 5UG United Kingdom

Kingdom Living is the second part in our three-part Essential course. Building on part 1's Welcome to Vineyard, Kingdom Living goes a bit deeper into our beliefs and values and explains how we use the 'Kingdom of God', that Jesus so often talked about, as a lens to look at the world. We'll look at how this applies to 'spiritual gifts' and to the way we pray over people for healing; how it impacts and informs the way we read the Bible, the way we choose to live and the way we care and serve the community. 

The course takes place over three Tuesday evenings, 1st, 8th, 15th March and is completely free. Sign up here today. Please note you will have needed to have completed the first part of our Essential course 'Welcome to Vineyard' before you join Kingdom Living.

Essential is the foundation of our Equip training program, giving you a good understanding of who we are, what we believe, and why we do everything we do. We recommend you complete all three parts of the Essential course before you join any Equip course.