Women's Meetup

  • Vineyard Church 7 Brick Knoll Park St Albans, England, AL1 5UG United Kingdom

Am I the only person who struggles to make meaningful friendships?
How can I be free from comparing myself to others?
How do I get my needs met by ‘spending time with God’?
How does social media impact our self-image?

If you’ve ever asked yourself a question like this then meet other like-minded women at our Women’s Meetup. Happening once a month, we gather to discuss, learn and share practical ways to implement and live out our faith in Jesus as we tackle a common cultural issue each month. These afternoons host frank, honest discussions – so are not for the fainthearted! To help ladies feel free to disclose, we won't be admitting children at these gatherings (except babies in arms). 

September 16
Men's Walk Talk Eat
September 25
The Alpha Course