Whether it's connecting with other guys here, addressing personal challenges in a low pressure environment, or making an outward expression of God's love to your local community, join other like-minded guys here at Vineyard who want to do the same.

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You can drop the Men's Live Brave Team a message and they'll add you to the mailing list.
Or connect with the team & regulars through their Facebook Group.  
If you prefer the old skool method of actually talking, Derek - who heads everything up - can be reached on 01494 765427.  

These happen more sporadically and are usually on a Friday night. Sometimes there's a talk but sometimes we keep it strictly social. Feel free to BYO beer or hipster ale. Just RSVP to help us cater.

FRI 14TH JUL, 7.30PM-9.30PM

A great bunch of guys kicking a ball around in Hatfield with enthusiasm, but also for fitness purposes. Often followed by an equally enthusiastic pint. Interested? Contact AJ on 07595 362 621 or drop him an email.


Usually the fourth Saturday of the month. A cooked breakfast is served at 9am sharp before we worship for 15 mins. Then we delve into a short talk, usually addressing issues which affect every man but rarely get aired. Prayer is always on offer so make sure you take advantage before you leave. We pack all that into a 90 min slot so you can maximise your weekend downtime.

SAT 7TH oct, 8.45AM-10.30AM