The 252 Sessions include 3 songs from Samuel Lane’s critically acclaimed debut album The Fire reimagined for a stripped back band plus 2 new songs, ‘Merciful’ and ‘To Know You’. ‘To Know You’ featured on the Vineyard Worship release Servant Wide Awake and is a co-write with US Vineyard worship leaders Stephen Lampert and Casey Corum.

'5 tracks, 5 videos. Live in the studio. A beautifully raw performance from Samuel Lane'


"The 252 Sessions are raw, intimate and even a bit gritty in sound. In the same breathe it could be said that these songs have so much beauty coming out of them, and they work so well in this setting. Each track on this small but exciting collection is great to listen to, time after time. Samuel knows how to write a great song, and recording in this way gives each track a new lease of life.

I could listen to the guitars on 'The Father' time and time again, I could let the words of the track Merciful wash over me time and time again, and I could listen to the tone of Samuel's vocals on the track 'The Road' time and time again. You get the picture! With every listen I'm finding out so many great little gems on this mini album.

Actually Samuel's vocals are one of the major highlights of the album, they are sung with such intensity, he sounds like he has given everything. Just listen to the vocals on 'The Road'. The growling voice really does sound like is is giving everything to these lyrics. This sound fits with the style of Samuel Lane so much. I loved every moment of this record. He has so many great songs and to revisit them like this is a real treat." Jono Davies -