The Alpha Course provides a unique opportunity for you to discuss and explore Christianity and life's big questions in an informal, fun and friendly environment. Whether you're an atheist or have never considered any kind of spiritual existence, Alpha is a place where you can find out more about Jesus and ask questions in an open and non judgmental place.



Alpha runs over 10 Monday evenings, each beginning with a cooked dinner where you can meet and get to know others who've joined the course. After that, there's a short easy-to-listen-to talk addressing a particular question relating to faith, religion, spirituality and life. It's not meant to be treated as a lecture but more as an opportunity for you to explore what you really think. After the talk we break into smaller discussion groups over coffee & cake. It's the perfect time for you to share your thoughts about what's been discussed that evening. 

The whole purpose of the course is to provide a space where you can ask your questions about Jesus, about Christianity, the Church and Bible - so don't be shy!


You can expect a warm welcome each evening. Whether you're by yourself or coming with friends, we'll do our best to make you feel right at home. Lots of people want to try out the first evening before they commit to the whole course - which you are very welcome to do. The entire course, including dinner, is completely free.

When is the next Alpha Course?

The next course starts on Monday 30th September 2019.