Baby Dedications

Baby naming ceremonies are becoming increasingly popular among new parents. Baby dedications are similar and include the added elements of thanking God for the wonderful gift of a new baby and committing them into his care. By doing this, parents are undertaking to pray for their child and bring them up in the knowledge of Jesus until they are old enough to make their own decision to follow Christ. It is also an act of welcoming the new baby into God's wider family, the church community.

If you call Vineyard home, and would like to book a date for your child's dedication - or just find out more - then please contact our Children's Pastor Maria Marr.

OK, so we haven’t been coming to church that long – maybe eighteen months or so. I will confess that often I’m not sure that I know what I really believe in… So why are we up here, dedicating our baby, you may wonder. Well, I may not always know what I believe but what I do know is this: I love coming to this church. What I see here is a group of people doing their human best to do what Jesus said people should do – feed the poor and hungry, comfort the sick, love and support one other and so on. Seeing and experiencing that made a big impression on me.
And that’s why, even though we still have our own doubts and questions, we are very happy to be here and to dedicate our son, Charlie, for whom we are very thankful, because we feel that Vineyard is a safe and supportive place from which he can explore his own beliefs and eventually decide for himself if he would like to become a Christian. So thank you in advance to everyone who will help him to do that, it means a lot. Thank you!