Next meeting on Thursday 24th October, 8-9pm

We’ve so much to be thankful for. God has done great things in us and through us as a community over recent years. As such, we’ve become increasingly aware of the need to rely on God to breakthrough in areas where we lack the ability, strength or influence - whether that’s miraculous provision, growing in maturity, overcoming personal struggles, or breaking through into the lives of those around us. The bible tells us how Jesus continually intercedes (prays) for us in all these things – even today.* And if Jesus is doing it, then we know that every one of us is invited to join Him.

Our Breakthrough evenings are an invitation to the whole church to worship & intercede (pray) for others - whether you’re a seasoned intercessor or a quiet introvert who’s never prayed out loud before. You’re not required to pray like anyone else, but to simply pray from your heart. These short evenings are always uplifting, as we look to Holy Spirit to lead our prayers for the Church and for the world. We’ve found He commonly does this by impressing upon us pictures and scriptures that direct our prayers (what is commonly referred to as the ‘prophetic’). More exciting than making a list eh! 

Meet us on every fourth Thursday of the month for an hour 8-9pm.

* Hebrews 7v25