An Hour of Worship & Intercession

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At April's Call to Prayer gathering, we referenced to the recent talk, Jesus the Game Changer, from Jaimie Garande. In his talk he spoke about renewing our hope in God when our hope had been crushed; putting our trust in God in the face of failure.

We recognise that as we (as a church) 'come of age’, we will face new growing pains, challenges & setbacks as we mature. So at April's Call to Prayer, we prayed for the church: that God would lead us & help us to take courage to put our trust in Him - which always requires an action. Other ‘prayer points’ included praying the HS would inspire us to develop a lifestyle of gratitude, highlight where we distrust God & help us agree with God’s words – being true & trustworthy.

Some prophetic words & pictures we received:

I saw a large number of zombies in the car park outside church. They were milling around the fenced area, bashing into the fences and pinging back. The car park was in darkness but light was spilling out from the church. As the zombies came close to church and inside, they were brought back to life. The scripture I got was Ezekiel 37. I got the sense that God is seeking out and bringing people to the church who have faced some sort of crisis, and whose worldly patterns of behaviour are no longer working for them. I also got a sense this was a word for the church, we are to partner with God to bring the dead to life. I'm not a fan of horror movies and don't like zombies but I wasn't scared by these zombies, they were lost and aimless. As we come of age, we will need to look at these people as God sees them rather than 'untouchable' monsters in grave clothes.

Saw the church on their knees worshiping God. The roof was rolled back and there was a beautiful pink sky pouring in light.

A picture of God giving us the sword of the spirit as we were worshiping. Although the sword looked ancient – old and heavy – like it was going to take a mighty Warrior to weave, I had the impression that it was completely easy to use and walk with. Because God was our strength when we held and used it.

Recognised that God is the Creator and we are the created; that God is the Strong and we are the weak. It is Him who saves.

Psalm 44:1-8
O God, we have heard it with our own ears— our ancestors have told us of all you did in their day, in days long ago: You drove out the pagan nations by your power and gave all the land to our ancestors. You crushed their enemies and set our ancestors free. They did not conquer the land with their swords; it was not their own strong arm that gave them victory. It was your right hand and strong arm and the blinding light from your face that helped them, for you loved them. You are my King and my God. You command victories for Israel. Only by your power can we push back our enemies; only in your name can we trample our foes. I do not trust in my bow; I do not count on my sword to save me. You are the one who gives us victory over our enemies; you disgrace those who hate us. O God, we give glory to you all day long and constantly praise your name.

What is Call to Prayer about?

Ever wondered what ‘spiritual gifts’ are for? The Bible tell us that the Holy Spirit gives ‘prophetic gifts’ in order to strengthen, encourage and comfort others. So it really isn’t a gift to make us look ‘spiritual’ but a gift to help us serve and build others up, so we as a Church can mature. We want to rely on the Holy Spirit to lead our prayers for the Church and the world, and have found the ‘prophetic gifts’ He gives commonly takes the form of receiving pictures and scriptures as we pray, impressing upon us a direction to pray. Never prayed like this before? Come along and join us at one of our Call to Prayer gatherings.

This spring we’ll be praying around the word for 2017:
that we as a church community are ‘coming of age’.
What does that look like and mean for us? 

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