Welcome to the Connect Group Leaders Resource page. Everything you could ever want to help and equip you as you lead your Connect Group... and if not let us know.



Full 'Launching Leaders' Booklet available at the Welcome Desk.



These are here if you want to follow a Sunday series, but are also a great tool if you haven't had time to prepare any teaching.

You may also find some of our own published articles thought-provoking or challenging. If you would like to write a brief article for an upcoming newsletter, drop me an email.



One thing Vineyard is superb at, is pastoral care - whether caring for people in emergency, or helping them work with Jesus to overcome a deep hurt or sticking point.

If there are any situations or individuals that you feel are beyond your ability, please let your overseer know. However, below are some useful resources on what pastoral care there is available.



We've produced a 'worship set' for Connect Groups to use should you not have access to a instrument or there is no-one in your group who's able to lead a time of worship. You can ask Richard for a CD ( and download the song sheets below) or go to our YouTube Channel and use songs from there.  

For worship leaders & musicians, a large number of chord charts can be found on a Vineyard Records website.