// If you have two shirts, give one to the poor. If you have food, share it with those who are hungry. // Luke 3v11

The Purpose

A few years ago a few of us at Vineyard began to gather food and essential items to give away to wherever it was needed in the local community. We had no idea then of the level of need existing in ‘affluent’ St Albans. Today, we give away food to an average of 80 individuals/families a week. We are known by a number of agencies who regularly send their clients to collect food from us (such as CAB, Children’s Centre, Social Services, Police, Probation Services, St Albans Council). Changes to the UK’s benefit system over the past few years has impacted many people as they find themselves unable to afford the basic essentials. 

The Fund

In order to meet the increasing demand and to continue living out the Bible’s teaching to help the poor and feed the hungry, we launched the Feed Fund in July 2013. The Fund is a separate resource to the food that you already donate to FEED each week, so any gift you make should be viewed as something in addition to your regular tithes and offerings. Born out of a need to implement a more formal structure and develop the ministry to meet the huge demand we’re experiencing, the Feed Fund aims to meet three primary needs:

Staff Resources
The first six years of FEED was managed by volunteers. Now with a team of more than 30 people, FEED became in critical need of staffing to manage and further develop the project. The fund helps facilitate and sustain this staffing cost.

Extend our Partnership Base
FEED is not just a Vineyard ministrybut has dozens of local sponsors who regularly donate - many of these being other churches. In order to increase our resources, the Feed Fund will be used to further develop these relationships but more importantly, extend our partnership base.

Contingency Support
Finally, the Fund will be used to facilitate long-term support for those individuals who need it as well as supply any food deficit, such as in the summer and Christmas periods.

How to Give

We need your gifts! You can donate to the Feed Fund with cash, cheque or through a bank transfer.
Cheques should be made payable to 'The Vineyard Christian Fellowship of St Albans'.
Info about making an online donation can be found on our Giving page.
If you'd like to make a regular gift then you can also download a standing order form.

Please reference every donation you make with 'FEED' and your surname. 
If you’re a UK tax payer you can claim tax relief & increase your gift by 20% or more. Simply complete a Gift Aid Form.