Almost three years ago we launched our Growing Family Campaign. Why? In response to what we believe God was calling us to do: to increase our present facilities and ‘make room’ for His Growing Family.

We chose to give sacrificially as individuals of one community in order to respond to this call. The vision soon became a £2 million project – from buying the warehouse next door to obtaining a change in planning permission to designing and building its interior structure. We are incredibly grateful to God that we were able to officially open the ground floor for use last year!

Unfinished Business

However, we still have the rest of the building to finish. We need to install the heating and air-con system in the ground floor, as well as complete the proposed plan for the first floor - which includes building further youth and kids rooms, plus a large multipurpose conference room. You will have seen that Ventureland (our Sunday church for 6-10 year olds) is currently being held in one of our atriums because we’re still waiting to build a room big enough to accommodate all of these amazing children! Our Youth has matured since we launched The Growing Family Campaign, with new Connect Groups and Worship Band Nights starting up - plus the Friday night gathering grew so big we’ve split these into two separate sessions for different age groups! It won’t be long until our flourishing Ventureland members grow into Youth - so as if it wasn’t urgent enough to develop facilities for our maturing young people, we’re aware that we also need to prepare for the future! We hope the funds will stretch to employing a Youth Pastor, because we want to make sure all the work and prayer that’s gone into growing children who learn about and experience God’s love, continue as they transition into adulthood.


3D First Floor (no background) WEB.jpg

Keeping the Faith

You may recall the prophetic word at the beginning of this year, calling us as a church to ‘come of age’. We believe God is saying that now is the time to mature into everything He created and intended us to become. As always, God is again calling us to move onwards, and that includes completing the work we started with His Growing Family.   

We’ve experienced a heightened sense of God’s presence over the past couple of years. It’s evident we’re participating in the worship of heaven, as we increasingly hear more stories of physical healing, more stories of the Holy Spirit drawing people to Jesus and this church, and more individuals making a decision to follow Christ. In light of God’s visitation to us, it’s appropriate for us to ‘finish the task’ and complete the building work for God’s Growing Family.  

Giving to the End

We don’t want to be a people who, in the words of the prophet Haagai, ‘have planted much but harvested little’. We want to see everything we’ve sown come to fruition and be fulfilled! That’s why we’re asking you to be part of The Final Phase. We will again be returning to sacrificial giving in order to finish what we’ve begun - each of us asking God to make plain what He wants us to do.

How to Give?


Each of us are able to give different amounts to The Final Phase. It’s important to respond prayerfully to the call to give. And remember that God wants cheerful givers! 2 Corinthians 9:6-7

reference your gift

Make sure you reference every gift with FINAL PHASE, otherwise it’ll go straight into our day-to-day fund. 

ways of giving

Pretty much any way! Cash, cheque, directly through your bank, even through online schemes like Virgin Money Giving or our mobile App. (Just remember to reference each gift.) Go to our Giving page for further directions.


Perhaps you can’t give a generous lump sum today, but want to give a monthly amount over the next year or two? Or pledge to give a lump sum in the near future? If you fill in a Pledge Form, this will help us plan and secure building work contracts over the next few months.

gift aid

You can increase your gift by 25% if you’re a UK tax payer. This is a huge addition at no cost to you. Simply fill in a Gift Aid form if you haven't done so already. 

pray again

Join us in praying that God would not allow us to grow tired or apathetic to His call in this current climate, but  that He would continue to grow our revelation of who He is and cause us to respond to His glory!