4| Come and Have Breakfast

Mark Helvadjian - August 11, 2019

How do we respond to Jesus’ invitation to ‘come and have breakfast?’ Looking at the story of Jesus appearing to the disciples and inviting them for breakfast, we learn that Jesus extends the same invitation to us today.

During this week’s talk Mark mentioned Chris’s talk about the dark night of the soul and suggested we listen to it again -
here it is!


 1| Are you ready for an adventure?

Mark Helvadjian - July 21, 2019

Mark looks at David’s story, how 400 outcasts joined him to establish the Davidic Kingdom. Mark compares this to how Jesus gathers us to establish His Kingdom here on earth. What awaits is the adventure of a lifetime.

2| Let It Go

Denise Gray - July 28, 2019

Denise looks at what exactly is God’s Kingdom, how we enter it and our position in the Kingdom.
She unpacks what we receive from the King to satisfy our needs which enables us to give to others in this world.


3| The Forgotten Father

Chris Lane - August 4, 2019

Chris Lane, our Founding Pastor, urges us to let God be God.