GDPR Team Statement

Thank you for agreeing to join a team / ministry here at St Albans Vineyard. It is an honour and privilege to be serving alongside you.

We require all our volunteers to open a ‘My Vineyard’ account before serving. You will be able to manage your personal data and update your preferences at any time.

We will use your data to contact you with relevant information about your team or your ministry including sending out rotas, general information or invitations to events. You may choose to provide a number of details in your ‘My Vineyard’ account and to consent to this information being held for general church purposes, but we will hold your Name and Email Address as a minimum requirement for your role in this team / ministry under the Legitimate Interest purpose for processing in line with current data protection legislation (GDPR).

You can decide what information you wish to be visible to other team members and how you wish to receive some team communications.

You rights under the GDPR remain and details of this can be found in our privacy and data protection policies.

As part of this team / ministry you may have access to some people’s person data and as such you are required to sign our Confidentiality Agreement set out below.

Confidentiality Agreement

In your staff/voluntary role at the St Albans Vineyard Church, you are granted access to individuals’ personal data (e.g. ‘My Vineyard’ database).

Vineyard takes the gathering and storing people’s personal data seriously. We take every effort to adhere to GDPR, and enter the spirit of the legislation.

We therefore ask you to sign a Confidentiality Agreement which will continue even after you leave your current role at St Albans Vineyard.

I understand and agree that:

  • Any access to individuals’ personal data granted by St Albans Vineyard Church, or information that I gather in my voluntary role, is solely to facilitate the Vineyard ministry I am serving in. I will never use these details for my own personal use or gain in any way.

  • I will keep all individuals’ personal data that I have access to private & confidential. This includes taking security measures in keeping any data that I access on my personal devices (e.g. laptop, tablet, mobile) private and confidential.

  • I will use a password/PIN to access all personal devices that I use to facilitate the Vineyard ministry I serve in (e.g. laptop, tablet, mobile).

  • I will not save passwords to a Vineyard platform in my internet browser

  • I will not download any individual’s sensitive personal data to my personal devices (laptop, tablet,


  • I understand that I am responsible for keeping any usernames & passwords to Vineyard platforms confidential.

  • I will never disclose any member’s personal details with a third party, except where that person has given their written permission; or in the case of ChurchSuite, has indicated in their personal settings to disclose these within a group or rota.

  • I will only use personal data in line with the Data Process Record for this team / ministry.

  • I will not use a third party to communicate with individuals as part of the ministry I lead, e.g. Mailchimp,

    except with express permission from the Vineyard GDPR Team.

  • When my Vineyard staff/volunteer role ceases, I will delete all individuals’ personal data (such as emails) that I have collected, or that relates to the ministry I’ve served in, from my personal devices (e.g. email account, mobile phone, tablet, computer, etc.).

  • I will report any breach in information to my Vineyard Staff Overseer immediately, and no later than 12 hours after learning of it myself.

  • I understand that in most instances communication will take place via the approved Vineyard platforms, e.g. ChurchSuite and will therefore comply with GDPR and if I require sign ups to be obtained in paper form this will be organised through the Vineyard office.

  • I understand that I must liaise with my Vineyard Staff Overseer if I want to change or introduce new processes that involve collecting and storing individual’s personal data (as they need to obtain sign off from Vineyard’s GDPR Team).

  • I am free to contact individuals through social media platforms, since they have agreed (with the platform provider) to make their contact details public. However, I am conscious of my conduct on these platforms, that my behaviour could be seen to represent the St Albans Vineyard Church. I will therefore respectfully not repetitively contact an individual or act in a way that could be regarded as a ‘nuisance’.

  • I understand that Vineyard does not authorise the use of What’s App groups where any data is obtained from Vineyard sources and agree that if I choose to arrange a private What’s App group I will obtain details from individuals on a personal basis and make it clear to anyone joining the group that their personal data will be visible to other members of that group.

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