One of our greatest joys from last year was seeing what God did through His people here at St Albans Vineyard. Our Growing Family Campaign, originally launched in 2014, soon became a £2 million project – from buying the warehouse next door to obtaining a change in planning permission to designing and building its interior structure.

All of this was an expression of our vision ‘to make Christ known’, whether through clothing and feeding the poor, welcoming the visitor or enabling our children and young people to flourish in their understanding and experience of God. We believe this is something God Himself called us to do, and just look at what He did! Like the song-writer said, “God has done great things for us and we are filled with joy!”

Our Growing Family Campaign began as a response to what we believe God was calling us to do: to increase our present facilities and 'make room' for His growing family. So in 2014 we set our sights on buying another building here on the Brick Knoll Park estate. This new space enabled us to us to address urgent needs like expanding our FEED food bank, accommodate and develop our burgeoning children’s ministries, provide our youth with a home of their own - and more! Admittedly a big, audacious, God-sized vision; it began and remains challenging to the core.


Sacrificial Giving

The Campaign has specifically focused on sacrificial giving rather than fundraising. That’s because we believe God is calling us to yield our resources as a part of our discipleship journey. We’ve seen first-hand how the simple act of financial sacrifice reveals what takes priority in our lives, and has provided us with the opportunity to align our attitude and stewardship of money with what is close to God’s heart. We still have lots to do! We're asking you to let the eagerness you showed for the Growing Family Campaign be continued and for you to prayerfully respond in giving so that we can kit out the space we've built. You can make your pledge at church on a Sunday or do it here today (Don't forget to complete a Gift Aid Declaration if you're a UK tax payer!). Let’s not grow tired or despondent, but take every opportunity to see God release an open heaven this year, praying we would see His family grow and flourish.

What Next?

 However, we still have the rest of the building to finish. We need to install the heating and air-con system in the ground floor, as well as complete the proposed plan for the first floor - which includes building further youth and kids rooms, plus a large multipurpose conference room! We believe God is saying that now is the time to mature into everything He created and intended us to become. As always, God is again calling us to move onwards, and that includes completing The Final Phase of our Growing Family.