What does a typical Sunday morning look like at vineyardkids?

We always look forward to meeting new faces and hope your child feels at home amongst us.

If you are new to the church come to the vineyardkids area before the service. Someone will be there to greet you, answer your questions and help sign in your child. We use a secure computer registration system, allowing us to call you out of the service if needed. Plus, every member of the vineyardkids team is DBS checked for your peace of mind.


SUNDAYS | 9.30am & 11.30am

We're passionate about providing spaces that are welcoming, engaging, and allow even our babies to experience something of God.

We believe that our children are as much part of God’s Kingdom as are their Mums and Dads. But we appreciate that sometimes little children just need a space where they can play, make friends and lots of noise! We are so blessed to have separate children's rooms for our 5’s and under. Our Duck room (ages 0-1) offers an video feed that allows parents to sit comfortably and not miss out on the service. We have a parents lounge in the kids area for watching the service if kids are unsettled. Rooms are brightly furnished, filled with age appropriate toys, arts, crafts, and essentials, providing a nurturing and exciting environment for your child to enjoy. We also want to care for those with additional needs, so we now have a sensory room.

During their time, children can play, make friends and learn about Jesus with a curriculum designed to best meet their needs and learning style. This amazing ministry is only possible due to our wonderful team of skilled volunteers who work hard to make your child’s first experience of church a positive one. Not just made up of parents, but also servant hearted people in the family of God who want to serve and make kids church fun. Church should be fun! A friendly and accepting place for our children where they can grow in a caring, happy and relaxed environment. 

vineyard, church, st albans, jesus, kids, children


DUCK (ages 0-1)
FLAMINGO (ages 1-2)
PARROT (ages 2-3)
 ELEPHANT (Ages 3-4)
GIRAFFE (ages 4-5)

Please note! The 9.30am service is particularly popular so at this point in time we can't guarantee every child a place. 
Arrive early to register your child's place, or come for the 11.30am service instead. During the 11.30am service the Duck and Flamingo rooms are combined (Flamingo room) as is Elephant and Giraffe (Giraffe room).

vineyard, church, st albans, jesus, kids, children
vineyard, church, st albans, jesus, kids, children


SUNDAYS | 9.30am & 11.30am

ventureland is an exciting programme for children in years 1-5 (aged 6-10)

Their hour and a half is filled with lively worship, bible drama presentations, small group times and fun activities. Once a month (2nd Sunday) the children join everyone else for worship and communion in the auditorium. We highly recommend ventureland for every child so that they have the best possible experience of church; where learning about God and their relationship with him is so much fun that they never want to miss a Sunday! All our volunteers and leaders (all DBS checked) genuinely love this ministry and regard it as a privilege to be involved with raising a whole new generation of followers of Jesus.

SUNDAYS | 9.30am & 11.30am

Fuse is for children aged 11-13 (school years 6 and 7)

The purpose of Fuse is to allow for this age bracket to engage with God in new  and exciting ways. Fuse worships with the church, then, after the worship, we meet in room 203. We understand that the transition between school year 6 and 7 is a hard time for many young people. The Fuse group offers stability for children when so much is changing around them. This two years also helps them transition from children's ministry to youth. We are passionate about this age group knowing Jesus and being light and salt in their community, we heavily invest in them to help them be all that Jesus has called them to be. 

To support the smooth and safe operation of vineyardvillage, we would appreciate your co-operation in the following practicalities:

  • Please ensure children are registered before each service starts.
  • Only parents, guardians and authorised adults may collect children.
  • If you're new, please make sure the kids teams are aware of any dietary requirements/allergies/medication.
  • To prevent the spread of illness and to keep all children healthy, please avoid bringing your child when they are poorly. 
  • Please read our Parents Info flyer outlining our Safeguarding Policy or click link below.


If you have any questions or would like to talk through our programme, please speak to Kev Nash (Pastor & Head of Kids & Youth) on 01727 739056 or drop him an email.

These aim to not only equip you with helpful info and ideas, but allow you to exchange experiences, relate what you or others have learned - and more importantly, have a 'night off' and a bit of fun! 

Each evening will start with a short talk, given by different people within Vineyard, and continue with either a discussion forum or breakout sessions. There’ll also be prayer ministry available at the end of each week. All the workshops are completely free - come along to as many as you like! Find out from Marna when the next set of workshops are running.


Vineyard Toddlers is a friendly term-time group for children from age 12 months to 3 years on Tuesdays 10 - 11.30am. We offer a safe environment for mums, dads & carers to play with their children and make new friends. Younger baby brothers and sisters are also very welcome.  When you come to Toddlers you can expect:


We ask for a donation of £2 per family to help us cover the costs of refreshments and crafts. Nappy changing facilities are available.

If you'd like to find out more about these mornings then please contact Sharon on 01727 824828 or you can email Maria, one of our Children's Pastors here. Please check out our facebook page for details each week. 


we wanted to take this opportunity to thank the Willing Cooks team for keeping us so well fed after Charlie’s birth – we felt very supported and looked after, and this has been ongoing through coming to the church toddler group of a Tuesday morning, so thank you all very much.

// Ali - on the occasion of her son's baby dedication