We are looking for dynamic presenters and budding actors to join our Sunday team! We have a year's worth of ventureland material prepared - but we need your help to bring it to life. If your friends would describe you as a dynamic, lively and fun person - and you are able to present with energy and flair - then we need you! We ask everyone who joins our Sunday team to participate in one service a month. Would like to find out more? Get in touch today.


We're probably all aware of the crucial part that good male role models play in creating healthy child development. We love the fact that we have dozens of dedicated, prayerful, and fun women leading, teaching and serving our children - but with only a dozen men in the team, we need to re-address the balance! So guys - having a chat with one of the team doesn't mean you have to commit to a life-time of service - but maybe just find out what's involved and make a decision from there.


vineyardkids is a growing ministry so we are always recruiting people to help in various roles. You may just want to help coordinate the check-in system, or prepare the refreshments. There are many ways to get involved that will suit different personalities. Find out what essential role you can play by talking to one of the team or completing the form below.

Parent & Carer Helper Scheme

We thank God for the incredible growth we are seeing in vineyardkids! We hope and pray that your children are enjoying their time in church on Sundays. In order to sustain the levels of care and excellence at vineyardkids and to avoid turning any children away due to being over-subscribed, we have introduced the Parent & Carer Helper Scheme. Every child’s parent or carer is invited to join one of the groups as a helper once a month. Or if this is not possible, be added to a Reserve Team (who are usually called upon once a term). Operation of this scheme will not only boost our existing, dedicated teams so that we can give every child a positive experience, but will also give you an insider’s view of vineyardkids and the chance to be involved in your children’s Sunday morning experience. It is only as we all join together that we are able to facilitate such a great program for your children. We want to see all children at Vineyard happy and growing in their faith - and for Sunday morning to be the highlight of their week! Your participation will enable us to achieve this goal. Simply fill out this form and we'll be in touch.

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