Hello Prospective Senior Pastor!

It has been our profound privilege to serve as Senior Pastors here at the St Albans Vineyard Church over the last 30 years. From small beginnings, it has grown up to be a strong healthy church with influence far beyond the local community. Whilst every church needs a strong community base, the St Albans Vineyard has always thrived on vision and challenge, holding a strong belief that healthy things grow. 

It is our hope and prayer, along with our Board of Trustees/Directors, that whilst you will bring your own sense of vision and values to the church, you will also resonate with and cherish the values we have nurtured over the last 30 years. Our deepest desire is for the church to continue to grow, develop and flourish under a new leader who is passionate about introducing Jesus to the unchurched community.

If you are married, we would hope your spouse will enthusiastically share the vision, be excited to play a part in the church, and be personally fulfilled in their own right as they serve in the Kingdom - to the extent they have the desire, gifting, passion and availability; without any pressure or expectations from us. This doesn't mean we wouldn't welcome a spouse that has an independent career, including that of a home-maker.

We believe that it is God who has birthed and grown this church, and has a particular person in mind for this role as He continues to build this part of His worldwide church. Our task is to find that person. We look forward to meeting you and exploring this together.  

Love and blessings, Senior Pastors, Chris and Fliss Lane

Please find out more about the Vineyard Movement, particularly in the UK & Ireland, and the St Albans Vineyard history.

Hear from Chris & Fliss Lane on the church's 20th anniversary

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