People have told us the most effective way to connect at Vineyard is by getting involved with a Sunday Team. God calls us to be ourselves; to use the abilities he gives us to love one another, and our local community. We only have to look once to see what an amazing display of gifts, talents and personalities he’s blessed us with - every one of us has something unique to offer. So if you call Vineyard your home then get involved and join a team!

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Welcome Team

Our welcome team works hard to ensure that everyone who walks through the door is helped to feel at home and connected here. They offer everyone a friendly smile and are confident in approaching new people to say hello, offer them information or point them in the right direction. Our welcome team readily contributes creative ideas to make our visitors’ experience more enjoyable. If you love interacting with people of all ages and backgrounds, then you’ll make a great addition to this team!

Parking Team

You get to wear a fashionable hi-vis jacket and your very own walkie talkie. What other reason do you need to join this team? These stewards are a friendly bunch and work solidly through all types of weather to ensure everyone is parked safely. They are the first point of contact that visitors have here, and do a sterling job of making people feel welcome before they’ve even stepped through the door. If you’re tough enough to brave the elements all year round, then this is the team for you! 


We see hospitality being practiced throughout the Bible. Jesus willingly shared five loaves with five thousand others - now that’s generosity! Following his lead, we want to extend an invitation and welcome to everyone who comes through our doors. Our Hospitality Teams get to create a fun and lively atmosphere for others to walk into, helping them to feel welcomed and at home. Joining one of these teams is a great way of becoming part of that buzz. No great culinary ability is required to join - just a desire to get plugged in.

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Hospitality Team

A little hospitality goes a long way. This team is almost invisible on a Sunday morning, yet everyone helps themselves to the free coffee, tea and donuts they lay out. We find that the introverts tend to join this inconspicuous team! They are a welcoming and friendly group so will make it a fun place to be. If you’d like to simply serve visitors and regulars alike, then why not play a part in this essential team who make sure there are always enough refreshments for everyone to enjoy on a Sunday morning.

// It was only when I joined the Refreshments Team that I started to make solid friendships within the church. Before then I’d kind of just felt like a floater. //

Blend Coffee Bar

As well as offering free coffee and donuts on a Sunday morning, we also run the Blend Coffee Bar - serving a variety of speciality fair-trade teas and coffees. All the profits from this café go to Bethesda Orphanages in India - a project we’ve supported for the last decade. So if you’d like to be trained as a barista then get in touch!

Sunday Services

There is so much that goes on ‘behind the scenes’ to make Sunday mornings happen. This is only possible through the enormous number of people who happily give their time and energy to freely serve. The teams range in their skillset, from the technical through to the administrative. If you want to use your creativity, passion and skill to produce quality, meaningful experiences which help people engage with God - then start here.

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Prayer Teams

We are all called to pray for others. Joining the Sunday Ministry Team will open oodles of opportunities to join in with what the Holy Spirit is already doing in people’s lives. You can also join us for an informal time of prayer 30 mins before the first service (9am in the prayer room). This is a great place to practice receiving those ‘words of knowledge’ that the Bible talks about.


We wholeheartedly believe that God heals today, and believe these instances are signs of Jesus' work of redemption and restoration establishing itself in Creation. PrayerNet sends out emergency email prayer requests for Vineyard members' in need. So if you want to join us in prayer, you can pray for people whenever and wherever you are.

The Shop

Much more than just sales clerks. The Shop team is enthusiastic about sourcing great books & music that help impact and release us in our walk with Jesus - and with one another. Quite often this team doubles up as stewards - helping people find their way about the building and answering questions. Calculators are provided so all you really need is a cheery disposition and be ready to help.

Visuals & Video Teams

These technical teams work hard to help us engage in a seamless Sunday Church experience! You don’t necessarily have to be an expert in each field to join the team; we’ll happily provide training for anyone who’d like to get involved with this creative collective. 

Worship & Sound 

Sound production for worship is a rare talent, so if you possess this gift then we want to hear from you! Alternatively, 
if you’re committed to forming your life around following and worshiping Jesus - and happen to be a talented guitarist, bassist, drummer, play the keys, sing vocals, or want to produce  - then get in touch.


Kids & Youth

We want to see our children and young adults grow and develop healthy relationships with one another and the world. We want to see them enjoy their lives as they journey to understand the life and freedom that Jesus offers them. Therefore we aim to create spaces that will help them to grow and engage with one another - and have fun!

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Our children are not the church of tomorrow but the church of today. VineyardKids runs parallel to both Sunday services and is a hugely popular and growing ministry. You can get involved with lots of different age groups - from babies to nursery or primary school ages. Whether you choose to take up a leading role, or a creative or supportive role, we’re certain you’ll find it a rewarding experience. If you’re new then we’ll pair you up with an experienced team member and give you all the essential training needed to have fun and keep our kids safe!


A friendly group for children between 12 months and 3 years, happening on Tuesdays mornings (term-time). This team gets to play with a serious amount of toys as well as have fun with the toddlers - whether that’s helping them make some craft or joining in song time. It’s also a fantastic place to chat and connect with parents, and perhaps lend them a supportive ear. Needless to say, we always have plenty of coffee on hand.

Sunday Youth Groups

After the worship set the youth break into relative age groups to host their own unique Sunday programs. This team does an amazing job to facilitate these group sessions and encourage the Youth to lead, engage, explore and overcome challenges in their faith and lives.

Friday Youth Group

Laser quasar, cinema trips, games nights, karaoke, ice skating, Big Night In and Come Dine With Me competitions are just some of the events we run at STAV Youth Friday Nights. We’re always happy to welcome energetic and fun spirits onto the team! 


Care Centre

The good news of Jesus is for everyone. We know from the Bible that God's heart is especially turned towards those who are vulnerable and disadvantaged. As his followers we are keen to show his love in practical, down to earth ways. 

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FEED is currently one of the county’s largest food banks and completely funded through our church’s regular giving, as well as local churches, charities, businesses and individuals. FEED opens on Monday mornings and is a large operation! Our volunteer team work hard to welcome people, create a safe environment and make folk feel at home. There are lots of jobs to fill - whether that’s managing stock, registration, running the café, to being a friendly face who’s willing to sit down and chat with our clients. There are plenty of opportunities to serve throughout the week too - from stock checks to cleaning or admin! Get in touch to see what skills you have that you can offer.


The Vineyard Care Centre runs Refuel to provide fresh healthy lunches during the school holidays for those families
whose children benefit from free school meals. Join the team as a chef, to make the parents and kids feel at home, or to offer practical help to make it all possible.


KIT provides children’s clothes and equipment for small children (0-5 years old). We generally work with outside agencies who refer families to us, but anyone can access us through the Care Centre or the Vineyard family. Join the team today! 



There’s just as much happening at Vineyard during the week as there is on a Sunday! If you’re not able to commit to a Sunday Team then why not join in with something that happens in the evenings or on a weekday? 

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Building Support 

The Vineyard is a large place! We’re only able to maintain the building through a special group of volunteers who’ve chosen to sacrifice their time and energy to clean, paint and repair the church’s facilities.  

Willing Cooks 

We want to support our church family through arduous or exhausting periods - such as the weeks following the birth of a new baby, times of family illness or even bereavement. If you have a signature dish that you’re willing to deliver every now and again then join the rest of the willing cooks. 

Mid-Week Hospitality 

We have plenty of events and courses happening throughout the week that need friendly faces and industrious hands to make them the welcoming experiences they are. Hospitality at these events can vary from preparing a few snacks for a small training event to creating and executing a three course meal for a hundred guests! Whether you’ve banqueting experience, have a general genial disposition or are just willing to don a pair of marigolds, your service is welcome.


Did you know that the Bible refers to administration as a God given gift? It’s true! Those of us who aren’t blessed with this talent can testify what a valuable asset it is. There are a number of ways you can benefit the church from this gift - whether you want to give a weekday evening once the kids have gone to bed or are able to come into the church offices to work with one of the Pastors on a specific project.