Connect Groups are at the very core of the Vineyard Church; they're an amazing tool to create real and lasting relationships, grow in authentic community, and draw our focus towards God.

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Greg & Rachel


Hi! We're Greg & Rachel. We're an easy going group made up of mostly 20-30s who like to socialise both in and out of church. Our vision is to learn about the bible together through discussions, to grow spiritually through prayer & worship. We look forward to meeting new people so come and check us out!

vineyard, church, st albans, connect

Lynne and Chris & Anne

St Albans | fortnightly THURSDAYS | 7.30pm

Our Connect Group is currently made up of older singles and married couples, who are looking to grow in our understanding and experience of Jesus through studying the bible, worship and personal prayer. We start a bit earlier than most Connect Groups but that's because we try to finish by 9.30pm.

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Yvonne & Alex

St Albans | THURSDAYS | 7.45pm

Hello! We're Yvonne & Alex and we're enthusiastic about providing a safe place to gather people and grow together with Christ, discovering who he is calling us to be. Most weeks we talk further about what was taught on Sunday, or do a bible study; then we love to pray together and support each other as we live out a life in communion with God. You'd be welcome to join us.

vineyard, church, st albans, connect

Sue & Cecilia

ST ALBANS | fortnightly THURSDAYS | 8PM

Hello, we're Cecilia and Sue. Our group is built on support and connection, learning to receive from one another's personal spiritual journey and experience of God's powerfully gentle love. We meet on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month, and are open to whoever would like to come and join us! 


Sandra, Mel & Laura

ST ALBANS | 1st + 3rd THURSDAYS | 7.30PM

Hi! We're Sandra, Mel & Laura, we host a ladies only Connect Group. We love our group because it's a great place to make solid friends. We are pretty good at just helping each other through life, and to encourage one another to grow in our faith in Jesus and to 'step out'. We'd love to welcome new people to Vineyard, so please do get in contact with us to find out more. 


John & Penny

park street |thursdays | 7.30PM

Hello! We're John & Penny and our Connect Group usually spends the evening unpacking the Sunday talk a bit more, looking at how that relates to us, how it challenges us and how we can apply it to our 'real life'. We're friendly people who want to encourage one another in our walks with God. Always happy to welcome new people so please try us out! 


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