Good Good Father

A Good Good Song

So this relatively new song from Housefires has been getting a fair bit of play time in churches up and down the UK and across the US recently. Its a really simple song, with a very simple theme and lyrics. And I think therein lies its success.

As a songwriter myself, I am always listening out for turns of phrase and lyrics that I can use in my songs. I know that sometimes my love of lyrics can be a barrier though. Overcomplicating a song is something that I have to be wary of. Simplicity isn't always simple to achieve when it comes to crafting a worship song, however the team of musician that make up Housefires from Atlanta have really done a great job of it with Good Good Father.

Taking the simple and profound truth that God is in fact our Father, and that He is the best one we could want for, they have put together a simply structured song with clear and true words that people can hold onto straight out of the box! The first time we lead this song at our church it was already a firm favourite with people being able to grab it right from the get go.

For me, even though the chorus is probably the focal point, the bridge is the real release. Its the part of the song that really make my heart sing out loud. 'You are perfect in all of Your ways!'

Check out the Housefires website to see what else they have in store for us. Im sure we will be hearing a lot more great stuff from them in the future. "Our hope is that these songs would spark fires that burn bright in ordinary houses all over the world."