Hand of God

Hand of God | Darren & Jessie Clarke

Darren and Jessie Clarke (writers of I Love Your Presence and Your Love Endures (featured on The Fire)) have been making music and recording all their lives, but this is their first ever full length Indie Worship record. It’s a self released beauty. A lovely collection of heartfelt songs. There’s such an innocence to the sound, a raw purity to it, it’s hard to describe. There’s no striving to make it big here, no sense they’re trying to prove themselves. They know who they are, they know God loves them, and they just want to express some of that in return. And they do it all with some masterful songwriting.

My particular favourites are ‘Hand of God’ and 'God Does Wonderful Things’. If you only listen to a couple songs make sure you check these two out! Have a good listen and give them your support!

P.S. Jessie’s my sister!